Offset's Dream Threesome Partner Cuban Doll Claims She Clears the Air With Cardi B

Cuban, whom Offset wanted to have a threesome with, says she doesn't even know the Migos star and claims that Cardi is aware about it.

AceShowbiz - Cuban Doll, who is dragged into Offset's cheating allegation, denies causing his breakup with Cardi B. Met at Topanga Mall on Thursday night, December 6, the female rapper claimed that she doesn't even know the Migos rapper and she had talked with Cardi to set things straight.

"No, I don't know [Offset]," Cuban told TMZ. "I never even spoke to him. I never had no conversation with him. He wasn't actually texting me." As to how she got her name brought into the drama, she explained, "I'm just got caught in the middle because my name in it."

Cuban said that she didn't know about the text messages until they were published online. "I really thought they were fake," she said. She also claimed that she's no longer friends with Offset's alleged mistress Summer Bunni. "The other girl, she has no name, she don't do nothing. Summer Bunni. It's all based off of her trying to get clout. That's the only thing it is. It's a bunch of clout-chasing stuff," she claimed.

Cuban additionally revealed that she had spoken with Cardi and claimed the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker knows she had nothing to do with her marital woes. "Cardi hit me up," she said. "She knows what's up, she knows I have nothing to do with that. ... From my understanding, she understands that I have no part in nothing with him."

Previously, a leaked text exchange revealed Offset wanted to have a threesome with Cuban and her friend Summer. The latter has publicly apologized to Cardi in tearful videos, saying, "It was never my intention and I never wanted to break up a happy home ... to get a divorce or anything like that."

Cardi has not responded to Summer's apology. She is probably currently celebrating her five Grammy nomination, which she found out when leaving a New York courthouse on Friday morning, December 7. She was summoned to appear before a judge in Queens to face two misdemeanour charges for reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct stemming from an altercation with sisters Jade and Baddie Gi at Angels Strip Club in Queens in August.

She was released without bail but Queens Criminal Court Judge Scott Dunn issued an order of protection for the Wattley sisters. The judge told Cardi to "please be very careful" with social media, warning her that even virtual contact "will result in your arrest."

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