Offset's Alleged Mistress Regrets Breaking Up Cardi B's Family in Tearful Apology

Summer Bunni, one of the women whom Offset reportedly wanted to have a threesome with, says she is 'ashamed' for causing Cardi and Offset's marriage to fall apart.

AceShowbiz - The woman accused of being a homewrecker in Cardi B and Offset's marriage has spoken up. Summer Bunni, one of the girls the Migos rapper allegedly wanted to have a threesome with, has admitted to her mistake and apologized to Cardi.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Bunni whom Offset allegedly asked to arrange a threesome that would include her friend, female rapper Cuban Doll, said, "I didn't know how serious his marriage was." Confessing that she's ashamed of what she did, she claimed, "It was never my intention and I never wanted to break up a happy home ... to get a divorce or anything like that."

In another video filmed when Summer was in a car, she further extended her apology to the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker. "I have not spoken to Cardi B. But I would like her to know that I'm a very genuine person. And I'm not here to break up her family," she emotionally said. "I'm very sorry that this happened." She also hopes that Cardi would "overcome this."

Earlier on Wednesday, December 5, Summer took to Instagram to address the scrutiny she faced after a video showing her conversation with Offset leaked. Without naming the now-estranged couple, she cryptically wrote, "Goodmorning, a quick letter to the fans, followers and social media outlets. During the last 48 hours, I haven't enjoyed the social media frenzy."

"Not only is it draining but humbling," she continued. "I will always be woman enough to admit when I'm wrong, and in this situation I was. Seeing another woman's pain does not bring me joy, nor do I think it's funny. I've always been for women supporting each other but in this situation not only myself but others have failed."

She added, "I separated myself from certain situations and people for a reason. This is not a letter for sympathy but acknowledgement to everyone whom has questions. Going into 2019 focused and dedicated to becoming a better me. Thank y'all- Summer."

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The Instagram model also wrote on her Instagram Story, "Praying for peace, and happiness," and added in another note, "Mentally not ready for this."

Offset allegedly offered to fly Cuban Doll and her friend Summer Bunni to Atlanta for a threesome in late June, when Cardi was 8 months pregnant with their daughter Kulture. Cardi previously revealed Offset cheated on her before they were engaged, but she decided to stick with him at the time.

Following the new cheating allegation, Cardi announced on Tuesday night on Instagram that she and her daughter's father are no longer together. "I've been trying to work things out with my baby father," she said in a video, before confirming, "We're not together anymore." Claiming that they've "got a lot of love for each other," she said they would remain "good friends" and "good business partners."

While she didn't detail the reason of their separation, Cardi shared, "Things haven't been just working out between us for a long time. It's nobody's fault. We just grew out of love." She added, "It may take time to get a divorce," before ending it by saying, "And I'm gonna always have a lot of love for him, because he is my daughter's father."

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