Candace Cameron Left With Bruised Hand and Shoulder From Go-Karting Accident
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The 'Fuller House' star assures fans that nothing is broken although she was accidentally run over by her brother Kirk Cameron during a family reunion.

AceShowbiz - Actress Candace Cameron is recovering after she was involved in a go-karting accident.

The "Fuller House" star was hospitalised after hurting her hand while enjoying a ride with her brother Kirk Cameron, and their sisters, Melissa and Bridgette Cameron.

"Went go-karting with my brother and two sisters," she said in a video on Instagram Story. "I've been released now, but was in the ER (emergency room). Clearly I am fine... but got some damage to my hand, but it's not broken, and my shoulder, but it's not broken."

Bure then revealed her brother had actually run her over by accident.

"Our fun family day ended up with me in the emergency room," she added. "They got my rings off and that was one of the most painful things I've ever experienced."

"I'm fine! I'm just really bruised, which is amazing to me," she continued. "I'm honestly shocked there's nothing broken. It's all good, I'm good."

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