Bella Hadid Defended by Fans After Getting Body-Shamed for Being 'Too Thin' in New Video
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In response to critics of her skinny appearance in new video, one fan tells body-shamers to 'keep your negativity to yourself.'

AceShowbiz - Bella Hadid doesn't have to worry about body-shamers anymore because she already has an army of fans who are always ready to defend her. The Victoria's Secret model was recently criticized for appearing "too thin" in a video for Love magazine's special all-video issue while admitting to be "healthier than ever."

"Growing up, I definitely was not the most confident person," she said in voiceover as scenes of her sporting a variety of skimpy one piece bathing suits flickered on the screen. "I kind of was always searching, so I guess when I felt the most beautiful was very recently, in the past two years, when my health was at its best, my love was with me and around me. I just felt very comfortable in my own being, instead of looking for the person I should be through others."

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‘When I felt most beautiful was in the past two years, when my health was at its best… I just felt very comfortable in my own being, instead of looking for the person I should be through others.’ @bellahadid reflects on the universal battle between the burden of expectation and the joy of self-acceptance. Watch the full series exclusively at @youtube. Film by @callthis_number @steve__mackey @douglashartfilm Creative Director and Fashion Editor @kegrand Hair @sydhayeshair Make up @patmcgrathreal Casting @bitton @twodadstwokids @establishmentny Set Design @stefanbeckman Editor @robbiemailerhowat Audio Interview @paul_flynn DOP @robjarvisdop Music @smaggheandcross @nathangregorywilkins @oldwalkingman Publisher @misscatherinerussell Head of fashion and beauty at @youtube @derekblasberg

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However, some social media users didn't think she was healthy when looking at her skinny appearance in the video. One even said that her video presented an "extremely unhealthy message to impressionable young girls," adding that Bella didn't look healthy, but "skeletal." Another noted, "This is truly sad. She's talking about self acceptance as she's withering away to bones. The modeling industry is barbaric and disgusting with its 'beauty' standards."

There were also other users who simply commented, "too thin," "she looks so skinny," and "this is wrong and disgusting."

While Bella has yet to respond to the body-shamers, her fans already did it in her place. "Why do people that don't even know the girl feel the need to comment their concern," one wrote. "I'm sure if she was THAT unhealthy her friends, family and doctor would speak to her about it themselves?" Another fan reminded people that "body shaming isn't right!!" adding, "how do you know that she is losing SO MANY WEIGHTS and it is unhealthy... When you don't know the story or the person."

"This video is about Bella accepting the way she is and how she feels beautiful," one other left a lengthy comment. "If she feels beautiful this way then that's that. You don't gotta comment your rude opinions to bring someone down, this is exactly what the video is about. Keep your negativity to yourself."

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