Selena Gomez Shares How Her 'Moody' Days Will Be Like: 'It's Fun'

In a new interview, the 'Back to You' hitmaker also shares her mission to 'encourage women' and use her 'platform for good.'

AceShowbiz - You may think that Selena Gomez is a perfect human being, but apparently the "Wolves" singer has so many insecurities in her. The 26-year-old star gets candid about her body image as well as her "moody" days in a new interview on the photo shoot for her Strong Girl SGxPUMA activewear campaign.

"I get really insecure sometimes, I go through weird ups and downs, but in general I just want people to wear what they feel comfortable in," the singer admits to Elle. "My assistant, she'll wear workout clothes everyday. But she doesn't work out. It's just become a lifestyle, and she loves it. She loves how she feels and she loves how she wears it, and I mean, that's what I want everybody to feel. She's inspired me a lot too."

The former Disney darling goes on saying, "If your mind feels strong and your body feels strong, and you feel like you can tackle things, that's the best feeling."

The "Back to You" hitmaker also shares her mission to "encourage women" and use her "platform for good." She shares, "I wouldn't be able to do any of it if it weren't for the people that supported me, and that kind of sounds like a cliche, but it's true." Selena continues, "So I think for me, I've always wanted to be a good example. Not because I'm not going to mess up -- I f**k up all the time."

"It's more just that I want to be honest with them. I'm going to say: I'm trying the best I can and that's what you can do too -- just try the best that you can, and it's hard. And you're not alone," she says.

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Selena reveals that she feels girls have to know "the strength in everything, their identity and their soul, lies within themselves." She adds, "And too much today you give that away so easily, from social media to school or relationships. And I think it's important -- I want to remind girls that they're perfectly strong the way they are."

The pop star also talks about how she copes with her swing mood and she just channels it to her fashion. "I guess I'm so moody, so I'll watch 'Almost Famous' and then I'll want to dress like Kate Hudson for the week, or I'll watch Marilyn [Monroe] and I'll see something that I want to wear that's all '50s style," she reveals. "I think that's probably why I'm an actress because I'm like…different personalities. But it's just fun. I love dressing up. I love being inspired by art, by music, by movies."

One thing that Selena suggests to the girls out there is not to limit ourselves. "I think I just like to do the things that make me feel good," she explains.

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