The 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star is accused of going under the knife to obtain her flat tummy three weeks after giving birth to her first child.

AceShowbiz - Kenya Moore's postpartum body is giving every new mom major envy. Three weeks after welcoming her first child, the reality TV star flaunted her impressive post-baby body on Instagram. In a series of selfies she shared online on Tuesday, November 27, she posed in a mint-green sports bra and gray workout pants, revealing her flat stomach.

"The SnapBack is real!" she jokingly wrote in the caption. She added, "I still can't work out yet but I feel much better. I was cut twice during my 3 hr Csection but I made it! I've always been healthy and worked out my entire life...whatever my body will do I'm not rushing it. It feels good to start to feel myself again. #brooklyndaly is worth every battlescar!"

Some Instagram users were quick to speculate that she might have gone under the knife to obtain her slim body. "I had a c section and I know first hand you do not snatch back in 3 weeks. Wendy Williams was honest and said when she had her son Kevin through C-section she immediately had the tummy tuck. Ladies need to be more honest and not misleading," one insinuated that Kenya had the same procedure performed on her after giving birth.

"No, u got the c-section/tummy tuck special.. I'm hip..," another plainly accused her. "Cut twice means she had a tummy tuck. I aint mad at u Boo. Im 47. That snap back aint easy," read a similar comment. Meanwhile, someone else thought that the pictures were "photoshopped."

But Kenya has set things straight that she didn't get a tummy tuck. Responding in the comment section, she wrote, "No plastic surgery, no tummy tuck. No surgeon would perform a tummy tuck on a woman 3 weeks after birth. Just stop it."

Replying to another fan who asked her if she's breastfeeding, she answered, "I am but it only burns 300-700 a day! I'm eating so much more. But it's good for the baby so I'm committed." She also admitted that she's using a compression belt, which is common for women postpartum.

Many have come to Kenya's defense, with one slamming the haters, "a tummy tuck right after a c-section? What country you living in? Yes! I've seen this happen with c-sections especially first time mothers with a lot of muscle tone. If she doesn't work out in a moth it do it could change! I can't believe people think a tummy tuck is even an option after 3 weeks of giving birth or 3 months!"

Another strongly reacted to the plastic surgery accusations, "only a dumb person would assume that any doctor on earth will person a tummy tuck on a woman 3wks after giving birth...some of y'all need to pick up a book and read."

Kenya and her husband Marc Daly welcomed their daughter early, on November 4, via an emergency Caesarean section. The baby named Brooklyn Doris Daly is the first child for the 47-year-old "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star and her businessman husband.

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