Mariah Carey Dishes On Mortifying Moment Involving Michelle Obama and Son's Vomit

During an appearance on 'Watch What Happens Live', the 'I Don't' singer recalls the embarrassing incident taking place at the National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony in 2013.

AceShowbiz - Mariah Carey's most humiliating moment occurred when her son Moroccan vomited all over Michelle Obama when she was America's First Lady.

The "We Belong Together" singer appeared on U.S. TV show "Watch What Happens Live" on Monday night, November 19, and took part in a game of "All I Want For Christmas Is Who?", in which she had to guess the identities of celebrities she was posing with in pictures with their faces obscured. One snap showed Mariah standing alongside former U.S. president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle at the National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony in 2013, leading the singer to remember one particularly embarrassing story from the occasion.

Recalling that she attended the event with her twins Moroccan and Monroe, who were two at the time, Mariah laughed: "Rocky spit up on Michelle Obama's dress, and it was one of the most humiliating things that ever happened to me. She was like, 'Thanks to you, I'll never be able to wear this dress again, Rocky. So thank you.'"

Another embarrassing incident occurred when Mariah sat in Meryl Streep's seat at the Golden Globe awards back in January. While the Oscar-winning actress could have taken the situation badly, Mariah acknowledged she was actually very decent about the mix-up.

"That was so mortifying," she admitted. "She had spoken to me when I did Precious, and she was so sweet, and I was like, 'I can't believe that Meryl Streep was talking about my performance!' So, when I sat in her seat, I was like, 'I didn't do that. Please say I didn't do that!'"

"But she was like, 'You can sit in it anytime!' She was very festive. She was cool about it."

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