Megyn Kelly Reportedly to Join 'The View' Amid 'Today' Exit Talks

The news arrives amid the war of words between Kelly's lawyers and NBC News as Bryan Freedman accuses the latter of leaking behind-the-scenes details of her contract negotiations.

AceShowbiz - The negotiation between Megyn Kelly and NBC News has yet to reach an agreement, but it seems like the disgraced TV host has found a new home. A new report suggests that Megyn is currently in talks to join ABC's "The View".

According to RadarOnline, executive producers of the morning show are more than thrilled with the idea of Megyn joining the show. "They want her as a full-time host. Execs are very hot on the idea," a source reveals to the site.

The source further explains that the show intends to get Megyn onboard and keep Whoopi Goldberg in check. "They think she would be able to keep up with [co-host] Whoopi Goldberg and keep her in check. They think it would be blockbuster to have her," says the source.

A representative of "The View" denied the report, but a "well-place insider" allegedly insists that the negotiations between the show and Kelly's team are currently underway and in early stages. The insider continues saying that the former FOX News anchor is "eager to sit on the panel when an open seat is available."

The news arrives amid the war of words between Kelly's lawyers and NBC News. The anchor's lawyer Bryan Freedman recently released a statement in which he accused NBC News of leaking behind-the-scenes details of her contract negotiations.

"Despite my efforts to handle this process confidentially, NBC News is allowing the media to run with completely false and irresponsible reports that disparage Megyn by erroneously claiming she has ever asked for more money than her contract requires," Freedman said.

"If NBC News is not the source then they have a responsibility as a news division to correct these false claims," he continued. "Or are they somehow attempting to use these fabrications for some fictitious advantage in the discussions we're having? If Andy Lack has lost control, my hope would be that Steve Burke can step in and not permit blatant lies about our discussions to remain uncorrected."

A spokesperson for NBC later responded, "Unlike Mr. Freedman, who has repeatedly commented to the media throughout the negotiations, we respect the confidentiality of the process, and will have no comment until it reaches its conclusion."

Kelly and NBC News are in the middle to settle down her three-year, $69 million contract.

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