Halloween (1978), Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), Scream
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Before letting the spooky stories and creepy creatures terrorize your nights, it's essential to separate the facts from fictions in a number of classic horror flicks.

AceShowbiz - Slasher films may not feature supernatural creatures, yet the terror they entice is not less chilling than ghost stories. While 1978's "Halloween", which direct sequel "Halloween (2018)" recently became a box office success, was not based on any true story, serial murders have unfortunately happened in many places around the world. Just take a look at "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (1974) and "Scream" which were inspired by real-life serial killers in the U.S.

Kim Henkel and Tobe Hooper wrote "Texas" character of Leatherface with murderer and body snatcher Ed Gein in mind, though the plot is entirely fictional. Like the main antagonist, Gein used masks made from human facial skins and collected human bones. Meanwhile, Ghostface in "Scream" was inspired by Danny Rolling a.k.a. the Gainesville Ripper, who murdered five students in Gainesville, Florida over four days in late August 1990, that's why the victims in the movie are mostly youngsters. Unlike Ghostface though, Rolling wasn't known for wearing a mask when committing his crimes.

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