Jenna Jameson Urges Fans to Recognize Their Beauty Regardless of Size

Sharing a positive reminder that weight does not define beauty, the former porn star lets out a side-by-side comparison of her before-and-after weight loss.

AceShowbiz - Jenna Jameson wants people to embrace their bodies no matter how they look. The former adult film star, who has lost baby weight weeks after delivering her third child, took to Instagram on Wednesday, October 24 to point out to fans that beauty isn't restricted by how much someone weighs.

Sharing a side-by-side comparison photos of her before-and-after weight loss, the 44-year-old began her "weekly motivational post" with one strong statement, "YOU ARE ENOUGH." She then proceeded to explain, "No matter your size. Weight does not define your beauty. I felt beautiful at my bigger size, I also felt disappointed and unhealthy."

"Taking control of your weight helps your confidence and health but it doesn't make you beautiful," the former girlfriend of Tito Ortiz reminded, "your inner light does that. Now beyond that, I want to point out the incredible positive, supportive community we have built here. I read EVERY single comment. Your words resonate. Thank you."

As for the photos Jenna posted, they displayed a contrasting figure of the former "Celebrity Big Brother" contestant. Picture on the left, taken after she gave birth to Batel Lu, saw her wearing baggy blue shirt and black leggings as she lifted her infant daughter. Meanwhile, picture on the right presented her in a tight black dress that accentuates her flat stomach.

Jenna's inspiring post was quick to attract positive reactions from her followers. A fellow mother responded, "Thank you, what you said really hits home as I struggle to lose my weight from my last baby." Another one commented, "your an inspiration. Working on ME now. We tend to forget about ourselves when we have a family." A third user wrote, "your positive posts and encouraging words are everything!! I'm so glad that I follow you."

This motivational post, however, was not Jenna's first in sharing side-by-side comparison of her body. Back in September, she shared a look at the result of her major weight loss because of a keto diet. Along with a picture of her cradling her baby, she wrote down, "This is me at my heaviest, probably around 187 maybe more. More than likely more."

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