Lily Allen Defends Her 'Outrageous' Fashion Choice: 'Please STOP'

Taking to her Twitter account, the singer blasts the media who slams her for her transparent top, adding that 'there is nothing outrageous about breasts.'

AceShowbiz - Lily Allen has called out a publication after it described a see-through top she was wearing as "outrageous."

The singer was braless when she was photographed sporting a transparent bodysuit after a gig in New Orleans, and many news outlets have published the picture while drawing attention to the fact that her breasts are visible in the outfit.

Singling out an article by the Irish Mirror, titled 'Lily Allen bares all in outrageous see-through top', she criticised the piece, and also mocked the fact journalists had mistakenly accompanied the headline with a photo of a field.

"Firstly this is a picture of a field, secondly, please get over yourselves, there is nothing outrageous about breasts," the "Smile" hitmaker vented on Twitter. "Lots of people have them, they were originally made for feeding small humans with, they're not rude sex bits. This rhetoric is so dangerous. Please STOP."

Her stance proved divisive amongst her followers, with many in agreement with her comments while others berated her for not considering the reaction her outfit would prompt.

And when one user suggested the editors printed the article in a bid to sell papers, the mother-of-two argued that the media should change the narrative when addressing women's bodies.

"Fine, then print the picture, just allow the patronising accusatory blurb," she responded. "The media need to change the way they talk about wimmins (sic). Breasts are not little secret fun bags, to be kept hidden until Man wishes to discover them for himself. F**k that."

The 33-year-old added that she is "NOT EMBARRASSED, AT ALL" by the pictures themselves, but takes issue with the specific phrases she's noticed in articles of this kind.

"Leaves little to the imagination" is such a creepy phrase in itself. F**k your imagination when it comes to our bodies," she wrote.

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