Chris Pine Calls Out Critics for Double Standards Over His Nude Scene in 'Outlaw King'

Not getting a fuss over his full-frontal nudity in the Netflix movie, the 'Wonder Woman' actor thinks it's unfair that his co-star Florence Pugh's nude scene doesn't receive the same attention as his.

AceShowbiz - Chris Pine has once again talked about the attention that he's got for stripping completely naked in his new movie "Outlaw King". While he's clearly not bothered to show all to the viewers, critics and fans alike couldn't help gushing about the rare on-screen moment.

But the 38-year-old actor still doesn't get the fuss over his full-frontal nudity, especially when his female co-star Florence Pugh also has a nude scene in the movie and people seem to not pay as much attention to hers as his. Appearing in the Friday, October 19 episode of British talk show "The Graham Norton Show", the "Star Trek" movies actor said, "I bear the 'full monty' and it got a lot of attention. I thought the witty reviews were brilliant, but what did strike me most is that Florence Pugh bares everything too and no one commented."

Thinking it's not fair that her nudity and his nudity aren't talked about the same, Pine called out reviewers for double standards over women in Hollywood. "I am not sure what that means," he said. "Either people think they can't comment or everyone expects women to get naked. Either way, it's double standards."

Pine caused a buzz with his nude scene in September when "Outlaw King" was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Wittily responding to the chatter, he joked in an interview with ET Online about the attention that he got at the time, "[It's] pretty cool. I'll take it."

Speaking on a more serious note, he told The Hollywood Reporter, "What I find very funny is there's so much beheading in this, and yet people want to talk about my penis. I think it says something about our society where people get disemboweled-but it's the man's junk that is of interest. And I know that sounds funny, but really, we are just base animals. And I thought it was very important to see this man who was going to have power be an animal."

"Outlaw King" will be available on Netflix starting November 9.

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