EgyptAir Takes Out Magazine With Bizarre Drew Barrymore Interview From Flights
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Reports of the airlines' decision to end the offending piece's print run comes out just days after officials issued an official apology for the article written by Aida Takla.

AceShowbiz - EgyptAir's in-flight magazine has reportedly been pulled from planes after it featured a bizarre and inauthentic interview with Drew Barrymore.

The piece went viral earlier this month after political analyst Adam Baron shared pictures of the "surreal" article featured in the airline's magazine Horus.

The purported piece was written up in imperfect English and filled with grammatical errors and insensitive remarks, including the actress being described as "unstable in her relationships." Drew's representatives subsequently said she did not participate in the interview.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, airline officials have agreed with the magazine's publisher, the Al-Ahram Advertising Agency, to end the print run of the offending issue and pull existing copies from flights.

Following the controversy, executives apologized to Drew, 43, for the misunderstanding - but blamed the strange interview on faulty translation.

"We apologize for any misunderstanding that might be interpreted as an offence to the great artist," a spokesperson said.

The writer of the article was Aida Takla, full name Aida Takla O'Reilly, who was born in Egypt and has previously served as president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Aida's article claimed the star has had at least 17 relationships and was lacking a male in her life due to her parents' divorce.

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