Did Machine Gun Kelly Order His Crew to Beat Up Actor Over Eminem Feud? Watch Brutal Video

A video which has surfaced online shows the actor, Gabriel Rodriguez, being slammed to the ground by a man before getting kicked repeatedly by other members of Kelly's crew.

AceShowbiz - Last month, an actor named Gabriel Rodriguez a.k.a. G-Rod claimed in a video that he was attacked by several members of Machine Gun Kelly's crew. Now a surveillance video of the brutal even has surfaced online, showing how the fight went down.

TMZ was the one who obtained the video. It showed the actor being slammed to the ground by a male before a few other crew members surrounded him and kicked him repeatedly. Some of them also seemingly slammed a chair on top of the victim. The employee at the front desk remained stunningly calm throughout the entire ordeal as he was seen slowly walking to the phone, presumably calling 911.

Once the attackers felt they had beat the victim enough, they walked away. However, one of them appeared to be spitting on Rodriguez before pointing his finger to him. Kelly himself was not seen in the video.

According to TMZ, one of the attackers was Kelly's drummer who is known as RooK. Another man, on the other hand, is called Slim. Rodriguez's manager, Branden Pitcher, has confirmed that it is indeed his client in the video.

The physical altercation apparently happened two hours after Rodriguez approached Kelly in an Atlanta bar and called him a "p***y" over his tweet calling Eminem's daughter "hot." He could be heard saying in a video, "I'm gonna say it because it has to be said. You're an [expletive] for going for family!" Kelly then shoved him away as the bar manager also asked the actor to leave the place.

Pitcher said that the actor is now pursuing legal actions against Kelly and the men who attacked him. However, Rodriguez previously stated that he is willing to drop his lawsuit if the rapper met him in the octagon to "go man-to-man without goons or weapons."

Reps for Kelly have yet to respond to the news.

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