BTS Drives Fans Wild During Fortnite Dance Challenge on 'The Tonight Show'

Wrapping up the segment, BTS teaches host Jimmy Fallon, who barely keeps up after so much dancing, some basic moves from their viral 'Idol' dance.

AceShowbiz - Bangtan Boys a.k.a. BTS is taking a break from their "Love Myself" tour in the U.S. as they had some fun during the Tuesday, September 25 episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon". The South Korean popular group stopped by the show to give host Jimmy Fallon some lessons on how to dance.

The host invited Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga, V, Jimin, Jin and RM a.k.a Rap Monster, who were all donning casual styles but still managed to look amazing, to a face off for a Fortnite dance challenge, in which each of them had to recreate the dances performed by the animated characters in the mega popular video game.

First up was J-Hope, who had to copy Orange Justice's popular moves. Being the main dancer of the group, the challenge was like a piece of cake for him as he effortlessly slayed the challenge. Next up was Suga who did Tidy's dance, while V was doing Flapper's moves perfectly, according to groupmate J-Hope.

Later, Jimmy got the chance to show off his skills by recreating the dance by a character named Zany. While all the BTS boys jumped right into it, Jimmy took a moment for a while before started dancing.

Jimin got Electro Shuffle, with Jin dancing like Best Mates. The latter seemingly thought that his jacket was getting in his way as he abruptly took off his black jacket, bringing in fans' wild scream in excitement. Jungkook, meanwhile, didn't hesitate to lie down on the floor to pull of The Worm.

Toward the end of the segment, they all stood in a line to the popular dance by The Floss. The boys excitedly dance, but it seemed the routine was too much for 44-year-old Jimmy as he fell over. "Are you okay? Are you okay?" Jimin asked the host before he and other members surrounding the fallen Jimmy while still doing the dance.

Wrapping up the segment, BTS taught Jimmy some basic moves from their viral "Idol" dance. He barely kept up before shouting, "I'm good. I'm in the band! I'm in the band! Let's go!"

Their appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" arrives after leader RM, whose real name is Kim Nam Joon, delivered a powerful speech at the 73rd UN General Assembly on behalf of his group, promoting their "Love Myself" campaign which is aimed toward ending violence against children and teenagers.

"What excites you and makes your heart beat? Tell me your story. I want to hear your voice," he said, urging young people around the world "to speak yourself." He continued, "I want to hear your conviction. No matter who you are, where you are from, your skin color, your gender identity, just speak yourself. Find your name and find your voice by speaking yourself." The group was globally applauded for the self-acceptance speech.

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