'World of Dance' Finale Recap: The Winner Is Crowned After Emotional Performance

Ne-Yo give out the only 100 of the night in the episode after one of the finalists deliver a moving performance.

AceShowbiz - The four finalists of "World of Dance" season 2 were all out in the September 12 finale. One of the contestans, S-Rank, Charity & Andres, The Lab and Michael Dameski, would be announced as the winner of the current and bag home the $1 million prize.

The finale saw each contestants dancing to two songs, one was a song picked for them by the judges, and then the other one was the song that they chose themselves. First up was Junior Division contemporary winner Charity & Andres. Mentored by Derek Hough, they danced magnificently to "Ain't No Sunshine".

Ne-Yo was hugely impressed by their performance, saying, "You guys are dancing like you've won a million dollars!" The pair earned a 92 from Ne-Yo, 96 from Jennifer Lopez and 95 from Derek. That made them receivinga 94.3 average.

The next performer was S-Rank. They performed a routine as "Headband" by B.o.B., which was selected by mentor J.Lo, played in the background. Group leader Melvin acted as if he was a symphony director with his crew moving according to his hands' movement.

"Probably one of your best routines of the year!" gushed J.Lo. The troupe received 93 points in average.

Jenna Dewan's Michael Dameski, meanwhile, danced to Ed Sheeran's "Dive". It was such a show-stopping performance that flaunted his incedible choreography perfectly.

Ne-Yo gave him 95, J.Lo gave him 97, while Derek gave him 95. That launched Michael to the first place with a 95.7 average score.

The Lab later took the stage. Their mentor Ne-Yo gave them "Work It" by Missy Elliott to dance to. Donning colorful outfit, they amazed everyone with their synchronized moves. Ne-Yo even gave them a standing ovation. They received a 97 from each judge, sending them straight up in the first place.

It was later time for performance of their own choice of songs. S-Rank opted for "It's Going Down". This time, they performed as bikers and everyone loved it.

"There's so much unity, so much love, so much heart, so much passion, and the world sees that through groups like you," J.Lo said. S-Rank earned a 93.5 score in average after their score from Round 1.

Later, Charity & Andres performed "Legends". They danced beautifully and Charity even threw Andres. They continued to show-off their incredible skills as Andres lifted Charity in a split over his head.

Ne-Yo gave the pair 96 points and J.Lo gave them a 93. Charity & Andres earned a 94 from Derek, meaning they received a 94.3 score in average. Combined with their Round 1 score, they avearaged at a 94.3, and that meant S-Rank was eliminated automatically.

Charity & Andres' performance was followed by a performance from last season's winner Les Twins. Later, Michael took to stage to deliver a mesmerizing performance to Destiny's Child's "Survivor". "Everyone is going to know Michael Dameski after this!" Derek said, seemingly not being able to hide his amazement.

Michael earned 96.3 in the second round, that made him to earn 96 in average after combining the score and knock Charity & Andres out of the competition.

The Lab rounded the night with their performance of John Mayer's "Waiting on the World to Change". They delivered an emotional plotline that was so beautifully executed.

"Our message is about love, and we don’t receive enough of it in the world. Our plan is to make this world a better place," The Lab said. "It's your generation. You guys are going to change the world is what's going to happen. That's what art does," J. Lo told them while crying.

The Lab averaged 98 points in Round 2 as Ne-Yo gave them a 100. Final Leader Board saw The Lab leading the scores.

With that, The Lab was announced as the winner of "World of Dance" season 2. Congratulations!

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