Julia Roberts Corrects Criticism Over Nail Polish
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Responding to an Instagram user's diss on her 'ugly black nail polish,' the 'Pretty Woman' actress says that the critic was actually wrong in noting the color of her nail polish.

AceShowbiz - Julia Roberts was in no mood to be told her nail polish colour was ugly on Instagram earlier this week (begin September 10).

Australian film costume collector Nicholas Inglis uploaded a side by side snap of Julia at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival and iconic screen star Joan Crawford, with both women wearing long black dresses.

Asking the followers of his Instagram account, titled the vintage costume collector, who wore it better, one commented they preferred Joan's look because it's "more classic and refined and Julia is wearing ugly black nail polish."

Noticing the diss, Julia fired back, "It is in fact a navy polish with garnets crystals as a grounding accent. In case you would like to edit your comment from 'ugly black nail polish' to ugly navy polish with Garnet crystals. Just sayin'."

She added the nail painting emoji to really make her point.

Luckily for Julia, she got a warmer reception when she sat on a panel at the annual film festival on Friday.

While discussing her new TV show "Homecoming", Julia spotted travel blogger Kenny Santana sitting in the audience wearing a T-shirt from Be Love, a brand the actress is a fan of.

"Look at your T-shirt! I'm in love with you. That's incredible. What a good human you are," Julia called out, before inviting Kenny up for a hug when he told her he'd flown all the way from Indonesia to see her.

"Well get on up here. Where are the stairs? Come on up!" she grinned. "I'm coming to you, there are no stairs."

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The 1 minute plus video when @juliaroberts hugged me on stage was finally uploaded by @tiff_net on its facebook (thank you TIFF). For full video click on my bio. . So there I was, humiliating myself on stage, 28 years since the first time I saw Pretty Woman. The first movie I ever watched twice in a cinema and made me (and the entire world) fall in love with @juliaroberts. . I changed my birthday trip when I knew Julia had two projects at this year’s @tiff_net; @homecomingtv and @benisbackmovie. Got my media accreditation, secured those two screenings first, prepared my question (it changes all the time 😂) for Julia in case there’s an q & a with her. I was hopeless when the moderator didn’t pick me until the last minute, but the lady sitting beside me, Pauline (who took the photo -scroll after the video) said I should try again and again. So I did. Coming to the @homecomingtv alone I also asked her to take video of me in case I did manage to ask Julia the question (that’s why I didn’t bring my smartphone on stage). . So when the moderator finally picked me, I stood up, Julia saw my @beloveapparel tshirt, and I told her I waited 28 years for this, the rest is history. . When I arrived backstage she hugged me tight really. She also asked me what my name is, and I told her I flew from Indonesia, she hugged me again and told the audience “This is Kenny and he flew from Indonesia to be here tonight.” I said to her thank you for My Best Friend’s Wedding and thank you for Closer, for everything. And she took me on the stage to get our photo (and me having out of body experience) taken by the great @samesmail (I’m still waiting for the photo haha). And I also thank Mr. Esmail for bringing Julia to our homes. . Dreams do come true guys. And this one was beyond my imagination. If you knew how much I tried to meet her over the years... Also I learned another thing yesterday; if you can make another human happy, however small it might seem, just do it. Thank you for making me so happy yesterday, @juliaroberts. And all these years. Thank you. 🙏

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The pair embraced on the side of the stage, and then Julia brought Kenny on in front of the cheering crowd so they could pose for photos.

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