Sean Young Won't Face Charges in Alleged Burglary

The 58-year-old became a wanted woman by police in New York after she was spotted on surveillance footage taking two laptops in Queens.

AceShowbiz - Troubled actress Sean Young will not face charges for allegedly stealing two laptops.

The 58 year old became a wanted woman by police in New York after she was spotted on surveillance footage breaking in to a business in Queens and taking two laptops and video production software worth $12,000 (£9,200) earlier this month.

According to People, the burglary took place at the production offices for Charlie Boy, a movie Young had been hired and then subsequently fired from. Leading man and co-writer Greg Kritikos, along with executive producer Dominick Martini, alleged the actress had initially been set make her directorial debut with the movie, but she was terminated within weeks due to workplace issues. She was replaced by Timothy Hines.

The Blade Runner star subsequently released a statement to the news outlet, insisting the burglary drama was all a misunderstanding.

"I was scheduled to retrieve my belongings from an apartment where I had been previously staying while working together with (Charlie Boy) Director Timothy Hines and Producer Dominick Martini," Young wrote. "I was expected and had confirmed my expected arrival with the building's owner.

"When I arrived nobody was there to receive me but the door was unlocked and I assumed it had been left open so that I could pick up my belongings. I gathered what I believed to be my property but later discovered I was mistaken..."

Young also explained she had already been in contact with Martini to return the laptops, and it has now been revealed she has indeed given the computers back. According to the publication, police officials have since declined to file charges.

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