Today in Pictures: Celebrities' Street Styles
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While some maintain their stylish appearances, not all stars are bothered to wear makeup and dress up when spotted on the streets.

AceShowbiz - Megan Fox was spotted arriving at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday, August 7. The former "Transformers" star mixed comfort with style as she completed her casual clothes with some accessories, including a red scarf and a necklace.

Elsewhere on the same day, a number of celebrities arrived at ABC Studios for the taping of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!". They opted for laid-back styles, before changing into more formal outfits for their appearances on the talk show.

Meanwhile in London, which has turned Wednesday, August 8 earlier, Maisie Williams looked chic as she was spotted outside BBC Radio One Studios to co-host the show with Nick Grimshaw. She paired a black lace dress and a matching skirt with a pair of knee-length boots, while carrying a white sling bag.

1. Airport Style

Airport Style
WENN/Owen Beiny

Megan Fox didn't forget to put on some accessories in addition to her eye-catching shoes to complement her casual clothes.

2. Well-Prepared


John Cho carried a big bag, possibly containing his stage outfit, as he arrived at ABC Studios to film his appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!".

3. Black Never Goes Wrong

Black Never Goes Wrong

Brett Eldredge opted for a black T-shirt and pants in the scorching sun while greeting fans and paparazzi outside ABC Studios.

4. The Whole Gang

The Whole Gang

Juice WRLD and his entourage wore matching combo in T-shirts and jeans while preparing for the filming of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!".

5. Bare Face Who Cares

Bare Face Who Cares

Megan Mullally didn't bother to arrange her hair and dress up when spotted outside ABC Studios.

6. Greeting With Fresh Look

Greeting With Fresh Look

Maisie Williams was all ready to co-host a radio show, looking chic in a black outfit.

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