Kelly Brook Says She's 'Sick of Baby Questions' After Multiple Miscarriages

The model and actress reveals that she's always annoyed whenever someone tells her, 'You don’t have children, you don't know anything.'

AceShowbiz - Model and actress Kelly Brook is tired of questions about babies after suffering multiple miscarriages.

The Piranha 3D star, who is one of Britain's most famous glamour models, admits she relates to comments Jennifer Aniston recently made about childless women considered "damaged goods" in an InStyle interview, and she's sick of the pressure to become a mum.

The 38 year old told U.K. chat show Loose Women she is often asked when she is planning to start a family as she nears 40, insisting people are insensitive to her feelings.

"People always ask... my biological clock is ticking, I'm approaching 40," she explained during Thursday's, Augustus 02 show. "I have tried to have children. I haven’t been lucky. I've had several miscarriages.

"But people feel the need to ask. They don't think it could be a medical reason you're not having children... They think I'm a selfish person, I don't want children. People need to understand and look at why you aren't having kids. When I’m asked are you going to have kids? I never have the right answer, I never want to go into it, it's no one's business".

She added, "It annoys me when people look at you (and) they say, 'You don’t have children, you don't know anything, wait till you have them...' I think that's a bit mean too".

Kelly has spoken openly about her battle to conceive after experiencing a painful miscarriage in 2011 when she was six months pregnant with then-boyfriend Thom Evans' baby.

The star also revealed she had suffered another miscarriage in December, 2011 in her autobiography Close Up.

She has been dating fellow model Jeremy Parisi since April, 2015.

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