Kristin Chenoweth Reveals Chronic Pain From 2012 Set Injury Still Lingering

The star was knocked out when a lighting rig fell on top of her during filming for 'The Good Wife'.

AceShowbiz - Actress/singer Kristin Chenoweth is still "learning how to deal" with the chronic neck pain she was left to endure following a scary 2012 accident on the set of The Good Wife.

The star was knocked out when a lighting rig fell on top of her during filming for the legal drama series, and she was hospitalised with a fractured skull, as well as neck, rib, and hip issues.

At the time, Kristin put on a brave face and assured fans she was recovering well, but in 2015, she admitted her recovery was ongoing as she had been playing down the seriousness of her condition in public.

Six years have now passed since the health scare, but The West Wing actress claims she is continuing to experience aches and pains as a result of the close call.

"The biggest Achilles heel has been my neck," Kristin tells People magazine.

The incident made her reevaluate her approach to life, as she realised she needed to live more and work less.

"You know how things happen in your life to make you pause? That was a big one for me," she explains. "What I've taken from it is life's short. Another thing I've learned was enjoy life. It's so short".

"Also, when you get injured, you have to take the time to heal. I went back a little soon," Kristin acknowledges.

"We all have stuff that bother us. I'm still learning how to deal with chronic pain. Yeah, I've still got it. But, you know what? I still work. I still am able to, so I'm lucky. I'm lucky I'm alive".

And although the star, who turns 50 next week, July 24, has the best intentions about finding a better balance between her personal and professional lives, Kristin admits it's a hard one to actually implement.

"I just work constantly, and I don't take time to heal, rejuvenate and recharge," she reflects. "But to be a better artist, I have to live life. But slowing down is hard for me because I feel like I have so much still I want to do".

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