Woman Claims Stevie J Got Her Pregnant After His Quickie Wedding to Faith Evans
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Stevie's alleged baby mama puts him on a blast and calls his marriage to Faith a 'scam' after the music producer married the singer in a quickie Las Vegas ceremony.

AceShowbiz - Just days after tying the knot with Faith Evans, Stevie J is hit with cheating allegation. A woman claiming to be pregnant with the music producer's child has taken to Instagram to blast him and air his supposed dirty laundry.

Misha Perry claims the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star got her pregnant and calls his marriage to the "I'll Be Missing You" hitmaker a "scam." She shares a photo of a man with his back to the camera. While the person's face can't be seen, he has tattoos on his back which resemble Stevie's tattoos.

"Lol I hope this time it's a real marriage and since you getting married I hope faith can help you on some of those child support debts because YOUR ( our ) child will be here in October," she writes in the caption.

She adds, "... and hunny I know this marriage is scam because you got all types of h**s living with you and @therealfaithevans you ain't the only one hunny , it's sad that your almost 50 & still getting played like a fiddle , u done got married to a man that got SEVERAL BABYMAMAS AND LIKE THE BOOTY , Yeah he dont want no p***y , biggie is turnin over in his grave you should be ashamed of yourself #steviej #leaveittostevie #ratface #mastersplinter #harmonyjordan."

She also posts a picture of her cradling her baby bump and captions it, "Leave it up to the social media trolls im not pregnant cause i dont post pics but here you go beggers #steviej #harmonyjordan #leaveittostevie #realitytv #atlanta."

But Misha's allegation has fired back. Many Instagram users slam Stevie's alleged side chick for choosing to be in this kind of relationship and airing his dirty laundry in public. "You can't talk sweetie...why would you get pregnant by a man who already have a tribe...his whole life is publicized and you decided to have his baby...girl go sit down somewhere...you 20 and got played, so now stand on line like the rest of the baby mommas waiting for a child support check...at least @therealfaithevans has her own money...and now you want to put him on blast. Smh," one responds.

Another comments, "Y'all b****es will do anything for a lil reality show shine...s**t is super corny...thirsty a**...at the end of the day HE STILL F***ED...AND YOU STILL PRESSED." Another writes, "And I'm not understanding...if u hate this man sooo much, why u still giving YOUR baby his last name."

Stevie and Faith tied the knot in Las Vegas on July 17, hours after obtaining a marriage license. According to TMZ, the whole affair took place in the living room of their hotel suite. The pair reportedly teared up and held hands as "Ave Maria" played on portable speakers. The ceremony began at roughly 10:30 P.M., with local minister Joelle Righetti officiating.

Stevie's alleged baby mama is not the only one who is not happy with the couple's wedding. Faith's son with Biggie Smalls, CJ Wallace, 21, is "especially upset" that he's kept in the dark about her plans to marry Stevie, TMZ reports.

Family sources say Faith never gave a hint of a wedding and suspect that Stevie wanted to rush the wedding because if she told her family about her plans, they would talk her out of it.

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