Pictures: See How Stars Celebrating Independence Day

From a street celebration to a big family gathering, here's how your favorite stars spend the Fourth of July.

AceShowbiz - It's the time when all Americans, no matter what their ethnicity is, come together to celebrate freedom. With this spirit, everybody, including the busiest celebrities, are taking a break from their daily routines on the Fourth of July.

Some choose to step out on the street and join a parade, others prefer to gather with their families and many enjoy the fireworks. So how your favorite stars are celebrating Independence Day this year? Here's some of the pictures that they share from their celebration on July 4th.

1. Cruising and Stripping

Cruising and Stripping

Baring his chest, Jared Leto showed his patriotism by posing next to the Star Spangled Banner while on board a yacht during his vacation.

2. Grilling at the Ranch

Grilling at the Ranch

Showing Fourth of July celebration a la Hadid, Gigi Hadid had a barbeque party, perhaps with her family and her British boyfriend Zayn Malik.

3. Hitting the Street With Huge Belly

Hitting the Street With Huge Belly

Being heavily pregnant didn't stop Kate Hudson from joining the crowd at a street celebration.

4. On Vacation Mode

On Vacation Mode

Reese Witherspoon was getting ready to travel, packing up Fourth of July-themed bikini and other stuff.

5. Greeting From Across the Pond

Greeting From Across the Pond

Olivia Munn sent her Independence Day post while in London, England. She and her companions were goofing around with Independence Day-themed filters on Instagram while on the backseat of a car.

6. The Sexy Patriot

The Sexy Patriot

Kim Kardashian posed in a stars and stripes swimsuit while sucking a red, white and blue popsicle. She enjoyed the holiday in undisclosed lake, trying wakeboarding before checking out the nearby water slides and trampolines.

7. Show It With Doughnut

Show It With Doughnut

Ashley Tisdale posed with the ring-shaped dessert decorated like the American flag.

8. No One Can Skip It, Not Even a Pet

No One Can Skip It, Not Even a Pet

Kerry Washington dressed her beloved pooch with a striped hat and a stars scarf.

9. Nick Jonas and His Beloved Girl (Not Priyanka Chopra)

Nick Jonas and His Beloved Girl (Not Priyanka Chopra)

Nick Jonas was all smiles while carrying his niece whom he called a "little angel." The singer/actor spent the day with his three brothers, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Frankie Jonas.

10. Pool Party and Feast

Pool Party and Feast

With her strong Colombian root, a festive means a big family gathering and a feast for Sofia Vergara and her husband Joe Manganiello, who is also part of the family now.

11. View From the White House

View From the White House

President Donald Trump showed his love to his country by hugging a flag pole, claiming that "our Country is doing GREAT!" He and First Lady Melania also enjoyed the firework display from the White House.

12. Keep It Low Key

Keep It Low Key

While her immortal nemesis Donald Trump showed Fourth of July celebration from his first-class view, Chrissy Teigen and family stayed at home while preparing some meals to enjoy that day. Her husband John Legend, meanwhile, blew some inflatable balls for their daughter Luna to play with.

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