Jared Leto to Produce and Star in New Heist Movie
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The Academy Award winner is set to bring the thrilling tale of a high-society cat burglar to life in an upcoming film, diving deep into a world of privilege, deceit and unbelievable heists.

AceShowbiz - In an exciting development for film enthusiasts, Jared Leto is gearing up to produce and star in a new film that draws inspiration from the mesmerizing tale of Dr. Lawrence Gray, a retired professor with a knack for high-stakes burglaries. This project, birthed from the creative minds at h.wood Media, adapts the riveting article "The Talented Dr. Gray" penned by Steve Kroft and Howard L. Rosenberg, and originally featured on Graydon Carter's Airmail.

Dr. Lawrence Gray, once a distinguished political science professor at John Cabot University, now faces charges for orchestrating sophisticated thefts of high-value jewels and art pieces. Known for his impeccable manners and elite social connections, Gray allegedly pilfered over $1 million worth of valuables from homes across five states, including those of acquaintances met at various social events like weddings and fundraisers. Among his victims was his longtime lover, Jacqueline Quillen, a prominent figure in Washington D.C. society.

The enactment of Leto's Dr. Gray will see the setting relocated to London, where the suave character will embed himself into the circles of English bluebloods and international ambassadors, with his eyes set on relics from the Great British Empire. Screenwriter Andy Bellin (known for "Lovelace" and "Trust") emphasized the psychological depth and unexpected twists in this story, stating, "The real hook here is the psychology of Dr. Gray and the fantastic twists that come along with it. This story explores the perceived perfect lives of privilege and glamor, which is actually a world of cunning, subterfuge and deception."

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