Claire Danes' Son Jealous of Unborn Sibling

The 'Homeland' star and her husband Hugh Dancy are preparing to become a family of four this summer.

AceShowbiz - Pregnant actress Claire Danes is planning to shower her five-year-old son with love once she welcomes her second child because he's already grown jealous of his unborn sibling.

The Homeland star and her husband Hugh Dancy are preparing to become a family of four this summer, but young Cyrus hasn't been adjusting well to the thought of having to share his mum and dad.

Claire reveals he recently started to question his mother's love for him, although he has since started to show a little more affection towards his future brother or sister.

"He's mostly enthusiastic about it," she told breakfast show Today. "There was a little wobble a couple months ago, where he was saying, 'You're gonna love the baby more than you love me,' and then I was gonna love everybody more than I love him! Anybody who walked through the door, (he'd say), 'You love that person more than you love me!'".

"But he's come around," Claire continued. "We've moved through that and he keeps kissing my stomach... It's very sweet, but I'm sure it'll go back and forth... feelings of excitement, and dread, and resentment".

The actress, who is currently in her third trimester, will have plenty of time to spend bonding with both Cyrus and the baby as she will be taking a few months of maternity leave before returning to work to begin production on season eight of Homeland early next year (19).

She previously suggested the next season would be the spy drama's last, but claims TV bosses have yet to confirm her suspicions.

"I'm wondering too (if that's correct), actually, there is no conclusive word on that," Claire explained. "It feels like it, it looks like it, but there's still kind of an ellipsis... It will end eventually, but I don't know".

"We start filming in January," she added. "Usually we start filming in kind of late summer, early fall (autumn), but this (pregnancy) is a little bit in the way right now, so life is interfering".

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