This Is How Bryce Dallas Howard Overcame Fertility Struggles
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'I learned that I was going to need minor surgery in order to conceive,' the 'Jurassic World' star opens up.

AceShowbiz - Actress Bryce Dallas Howard found pregnancy success after turning to a Maori spiritual healer as she struggled to conceive her first child.

The "Jurassic World" star now shares two children with husband Seth Gabel, but the 37-year-old reveals starting a family naturally proved exceedingly difficult after the couple tied the knot in 2006.

"I was really struggling and having some challenges," she told ET Online. "I learned that I was going to need minor surgery in order to conceive."

Help wasn't far away - she managed to avoid surgery after receiving a firm lead about a Maori spiritual healer who was working in the Los Angeles area.

"Then my friend had an appointment with a New Zealand man, Papa Joe, who would come over once a year and stay in this incredible house in Topanga Canyon, where he and his folks would heal people," she shared. "I was sharing my woes with my friend and she said, 'They're leaving tomorrow, you should take my appointment!'"

Bryce admits she had doubts about whether or not Papa Joe could help her, but when she stepped into the room for the healing, she immediately knew his work was "powerful".

"Instantly, without me saying anything, he saw what was going on and explained the situation," she recalled. "He did very physical, rigorous body work, and there was a midwife there who helped me breathe through the experience."

Bryce became pregnant shortly after the session.

"We weren't even trying! His session healed me completely," she said.

The star, who is director Ron Howard's daughter, made it a point to visit the Maori healing group Papa Joe worked with and trained during a visit to New Zealand for her 34th birthday, to honour the late healer, who died shortly after his session with her.

"I was so grateful that I got to be a part of that last group of people who were treated by him. I've always felt a great amount of indebtedness and thankfulness," she smiled. "I kept thinking, 'I would love to visit the group to say thank you, even though Papa Joe is gone.'

"I was telling the Maori gentleman my story (when I visited the group), and as soon as I said, 'Papa Joe,' he just lit up and went, 'My teacher!' It's funny how I was 24 when he treated me and this encounter was on my 34th birthday, 10 years later."

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