Kelly Brook Claims Her Boyfriend Helps Prevent Her From Eating Too Much Sweets

The 'Piranha 3D' star says she's grateful for what Jeremy Parisi does for her, because he is just looking out for her long-term health.

AceShowbiz - Actress and TV personality Kelly Brook credits her "sensible" boyfriend with helping her curb her penchant for dessert and extra drinks.

The Piranha 3D star, who has been dating Italian model Jeremy Parisi for the past three years, admits her impulsive nature can wreak havoc on her diet at times, and if it wasn't for her man's words of advice, she would be indulging all the time.

"Jeremy definitely parents me sometimes," the 38-year-old former model shared on British TV show Loose Women.

"I've got that tendency sometimes, like, it was his birthday at the weekend and I'm like, 'Let's get some people together and go for drinks.' He was like, 'No, you've got work on Monday.'

"I'm always the person who's like, 'Let's have another drink, let's have a dessert,' and he'll be like, 'You had a dessert last night, you don't need one tonight,' or, 'You had a drink this afternoon, you don't need another one.'"

Kelly insists she appreciates Jeremy's input, because he is just looking out for her long-term health.

"He's the sensible one," the Brit smiled of her beau, who just turned 33. "He just keeps me on the straight and narrow and keeps me focused, otherwise I'd forever be eating and drinking and having a good time.

"It's nice to have someone who's a bit more grounded and sensible than I am."

Kelly, whose exes include actors Jason Statham and Billy Zane, previously revealed she had taken up running because Jeremy loves to stay active.

"He drags me out all the time to go running, and he's really good at motivating me," she told Now magazine in February, as she explained she no longer puts pressure on herself to look perfect in public.

"I think I'm embracing getting older and not looking fabulous all of the time," Kelly said. "The work I do has changed - I'm doing a lot more daytime TV and fewer lingerie and swimwear shoots.

"I'm just ageing and changing, and while I try to look my best, I don't put pressure on myself."

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