Sienna Miller Abandons Instagram After Realizing It Wastes Her Time

The 'Live by Night' actress admits she joined the social media due to pressure from her colleagues, but has decided to leave it to focus her energy on pursuing other interests.

AceShowbiz - Sienna Miller abandoned social media after realizing she she was spending too much time online. The "Live by Night" actress joined Instagram in June 2017, but she hasn't uploaded any images to the photo-sharing website since and has now explained that she signed up following pressure from her colleagues and now regrets the decision.

"Everybody said you should be on it - 'The world's changing and you're a dinosaur', which got insulting," she told U.K. Harper's Bazaar. "I'm not really good at not being incredibly open and authentic and don't want to be (like) that in front of a bunch of people I don't know. At the same time, I didn't want to be inauthentic either, so it was a double-edged sword."

In spite of the lack of posts, Sienna's Instagram account racked up over 225,000 followers. However, that didn't convince the star to stay locked in, and Sienna is very comfortable with her decision to leave the Internet because now she can focus her energy on pursuing other interests.

"I also find Instagram a huge time waster, so I deleted the app because every time I'd go for a pee or get in a cab, I'd check it," the 36-year-old shared. "There's a whole world going on out there that I'm not engaging with because I'm mindlessly thumbing through it."

During her interview, Sienna also discussed how different her life has been since she welcomed her daughter Marlowe in 2012. The star shares Marlowe, now aged five, with her former partner Tom Sturridge, and feels much more grounded than ever since becoming a mother.

"With age comes wisdom and a sense of self that's really relieving," she smiled. "I was a little bit at sea in my twenties. I had an amazing time, but I had no roots - well nothing grounded. I got pregnant at 29 and had a daughter at 30 so it all kind of collided in the most fantastic way."

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