Charlize Theron Regrets Rushing Things During Her 20s

The 'Tully' star admits learning to say no would be the one key lesson in life she would love to share with her younger self.

AceShowbiz - Charlize Theron regrets rushing through life during her 20s. The South African native was so concerned about finding success in Hollywood during the early days of her career, she never took a break to reflect on how much she had already accomplished.

"I felt so rushed in my 20s," she shared. "I felt like I was running out of time, constantly, and it made me not stop and appreciate the moments that were happening to me. I guess that's part of being a 20-year-old."

Now, at 42, the mother-of-two is happy to take each day as it comes, and she feels more comfortable than ever with where she is in her life. "There's something that happened for me in my 40s where everything just slowed down to the right speed, and I have perspective," Charlize mused to morning show "Good Morning America".

"There's this little thing that happened to me that's just like, you know what? I can say no and not be judged for that. I don't have to please everybody, I don't have to show up for everybody. I can actually make an adult decision and own that and not be judged for that, and that's such a confidence that I never had in my 20s..."

And the Oscar winner admits learning to say no would be the one key lesson in life she would love to share with her younger self, if she could turn back time. "I think women struggle with that (saying no) more than men," Charlize said, "so if I could go back and talk to my 20s (sic), I would say that (it's OK to say no)."

Despite developing a talent to turn down offers, the "Monster" star insists she still has crises of confidence whenever she tackles a new project. "There's this little voice inside of me that always says, 'They're gonna find out that you're lying. They're gonna find out that you're terrible and that you have no talent and that you can't do this!' " she explained.

She went on sharing, "I think that little bit of insecurity is the thing that makes you work harder, and you can't get complacent when you're in that space, and that's a good thing as an actor. I don't want to ever feel like, 'Oh, I got this!' I don't think that would be a great space to work from, creatively."

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