Jason Momoa Talks About How 'Aquaman' Differs From 'Justice League'
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The 'Braven' actor is not sure how to describe 'Aquaman' after sharing that 'Justice League', in which he also starred as the underwater lord, 'was like college.'

AceShowbiz - After he was tricked by Jason Momoa about his role in "Aquaman", Joshua Horowitz seems to forgive and forget everything that has happened. Right after the "reckoning", Horowitz asked Momoa about how the standalone movie differs from Zack Snyder's "Justice League", in which he also starred as Aquaman.

The 39-year-old star admitted that he was not really sure how to describe "Aquaman". " 'Justice League' was like college. I'm not really sure what 'Aquaman' was, it's just all on my shoulders. I had a great time," said Momoa.

He further added, "I think in 'Justice League', you had five other characters around you suffering equally the same, so it was kind of fun to endure that together. And then you know it got me ready to do my solo movie which was challenging, tough and hard and super satisfying."

In addition to Momoa, Horowitz interviewed director of the movie James Wan. Horowitz asked Wan whether or not there was a movie reference used to develop "Aquaman" that has nothing to do with superhero genre. "What inspired me were all the older, classic action-adventure films that [Steven] Spielberg used to do, actually," replied Wan. "And I kind of try to draw from that mentality, the idea of 'awe' and 'wonderment' that we used to see in those kind of films."

Wan added, "And I really wanted this movie to have that kind of magic heart, that wish fulfillment that we all have. What if we have the ability to just swim anywhere, right? Just hang out on a desert island in the middle of nowhere and just chill. And so I try to capture some of that spirit."

"Aquaman" revolves around the underwater lord who challenges his half-brother Orm Marius / Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson) for the underwater kingdom's throne following the former's return to the Kingdom of Atlantis. Aquaman is also given a duty by Amber Heard's Lady Mera to prevent a brewing conflict between the sea dwellers and the people on the "surface world."

Willem Dafoe and Nicole Kidman join the cast as Atlantis' chief scientific adviser Nuidis Vulko and Aquaman's mother Atlanna, respectively.

"Aquaman" will not hit U.S. theaters until December 21.

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