Jason Momoa Gets Punched in the Face After Lying About 'Aquaman' Role
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The 'Braven' actor faced 'his reckoning' at the Wednesday, April 25 CinemaCon as he received a punch on his face from 'Happy Sad Confused' creator Joshua Horowitz.

AceShowbiz - Actor/producer Jason Momoa was brave enough to face "his reckoning" at the Wednesday, April 25 CinemaCon. He did not parry a punch landed by MTV's "Happy Sad Confused" creator Joshua Horowitz on his face after lying about playing the titular character in "Aquaman".

The creator took to Twitter to share a picture of him punching the actor. He captioned it, "4 years ago Jason Momoa told me I could punch him in the face if he ended up playing AQUAMAN. Today he faced his reckoning. #saddestpunchever." Although he said so, he did not really punch Momoa.

In the photo, the 38-year-old actor, who wore a black T-shirt, closed his eyes. Meanwhile, Horowitz landed his fist really close to the actor's face while his other hand carried a microphone.

For those who are wondering why Horowitz punched Momoa, that was all down to their 2014 bet. Previously, Horowitz asked Momoa about the rumor of him starring in "Aquaman". Momoa denied the rumor, saying, "I get it all the time. It's just a rumor. It's a rumor... I swear." When he was asked to promise that the rumor was not true, he said, "Man to man, you can punch me in the face. You're allowed to punch me in the face. No, it's a flattering rumor."

Momoa was last seen starring in Lin Oeding's "Braven" as logger Joe Braven. Momoa also served as the producer alongside Brian Mendoza, Molly Hassell and Mike Nilon.

As for "Aquaman", the upcoming movie will be set after the events which occurred in "Justice League", in which Momoa portrayed Arthur Curry a.k.a. Aquaman. It revolves around the underwater lord who challenges his half-brother (Patrick Wilson) for the underwater kingdom's throne following the former's return to the Kingdom of Atlantis. Aquaman is also given a duty by Amber Heard's Lady Mera to prevent a brewing conflict between the sea dwellers and the people on the "surface world."

James Wan directs the movie based on the story he writes alongside Geoff Johns. Will Beall works on the script. The movie is produced by Peter Safran.

"Aquaman" has been dated for a December 21 release in the United States.

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