The Victoria's Secret model reveals that she has created a sexy alter-ego because she is 'goofy and totally normal' in real life.

AceShowbiz - Victoria's Secret stunner Elsa Hosk has created a sexy alter-ego because she's a goof in real life. The 29-year-old Swede claims fans rarely get to see the real Elsa, because she conjures up "sexy Elsa" for appearances and fashion jobs.

She tells PorterEdit, "It's a character that I get into. In my real life... I become sort of anti-that... In my head, I'm so not sexy at all. I'm goofy and totally normal."

So normal in fact that she has no problems posting naked photos of herself on Instagram. She notes, "I remember posting a nude selfie, and I got so many texts from people who were like: 'What did you do? Are you sure about that?' And I was like, 'Yeah, I don't really care that much'. It's my body, it's my choice."

She adds, "My mum will sometimes comment on pictures, and tell me, 'That's a beautiful dress', but I actually haven't talked to them about what they think about nudity."

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