Elsa Hosk Fires Back at Critics for Calling Her Nude Pics With Baby Daughter 'Child Pornography'

The former Victoria's Secret model defends herself after she lands in hot water for posing in her birthday suit with seventh-month-old daughter in new pictures.

AceShowbiz - Elsa Hosk has reacted angrily to critics who called a recent shot of the model posing nude with her seven-month-old daughter child pornography.

The former Victoria's Secret Angel took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday (14Sep21) after spotting a concerning comment below a photo she posted of herself and baby Tuulikki naked overlooking New York.

"Wow. Posting a picture where I'm with my baby naked is not child pornography. It's a normal thing," Hosk wrote. "If some sick person on the internet thinks it's porn that's that persons (sic) problem not mine. I refuse to live my life according to or in fear of sick people on the internet. I don't live in that fear."

She went on to call "skin to skin" contact with her baby "beautiful," claiming it creates a bond between mother and child.

"Growing up in Sweden I was naked ALL the time, at beaches, at home, in public...," she added. "it was so natural to us and we were not taught that our bodies were some thing you had to hide away in fear of what strangers might think (sic). I think it created a very healthy relationship to nudity and to my own body. I never felt weird about being naked."

She then raged, "If you think it's porn or a 'thirst trap' shame on you, not shame on me. I respect anyone's choice what they do with their bodies or what the(y) choose to post or not post. Don't worry about the safety of my baby, she is right where she belongs, literally naked in my arms."

Hosk and her husband Tom Daly became parents in February (21).

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