Farrah Abraham Live-Streams Her Getting New 'Designer Vagina' on Instagram

The former 'Teen Mom' star shares a video of her undergoing a labiaplasty surgery to improve her lady parts, resulting in her getting what she calls a 'designer vagina.'

AceShowbiz - Farrah Abraham is never shy to share literally everything she does to her Instagram followers. The "Teen Mom" alum recently took to her account to share a video of her undergoing a labiaplasty surgery to improve her lady parts, resulting in her getting what she called a "designer vagina."

In a video posted on Monday, April 16, the former MTV star announced, "My vagina's giving birth to a new vagina today." Beverly Hill surgeon Dr. Sheila Nazarian conducted the producure, which according to the 26-year-old star is completely safe.

It is said that during the surgery, the doctor physically removes bits of the vagina in order to create a new one. Farrah also revealed in the 90-second clip that once you get the "designer vagina surgery," we "can't have sex for 30 days."

It takes on average two hours to get the surgery, which reportedly cost up to $8,000, done. The surgery is conducted while the patient is fully aware throughout the process.

Despite her looking so excited over her new enhancement, many people came to criticize the former "16 and Pregnant" star. "You do realize that like most women DON’T need to tighten their vagina like 2-3 times a month right? I mean it's #obvious that you do, but I can only imagine how loose that mess must be for you to have it tightened," a fan said.

Farrah's labiaplasty surgery is only the latest comestic surgery she'd done recently. She previously posted a video of herself getting butt injections with her 9-year-old daughter recording the process. It didn't took long for her to receive backlash from people thinking that it was inappropriate for her to let her daughter watch it.

"OH My Gosh I just watched the snap and she literally has her daughter videotaping her from behind! What's wrong with you @F1abraham!!!!! Why you subjecting your child to look at things like this? Why don’t you get a babysitter! Poor Sophia!" one Twitter user commented. Another one echoed, "This is the weirdest video ever.. she's teaching her child she needs to get work done to feel normal."

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