Savannah Guthrie Apologizes for Swearing Live on 'Today' Show

Seemingly thinking that it wasn't live, the host cursed into a microphone, saying, 'Oh s**t, sorry guys.'

AceShowbiz - Oops! Savannah Guthrie made a major blunder during a live episode of "Today". In the Wednesday, March 28 episode of the NBC morning show, Guthrie was caught swearing for everyone to hear.

The mishap went down when the host was preparing for a segment. Seemingly thinking that it wasn't live, Guthrie cursed into a microphone, saying, "Oh s**t, sorry guys." She then continued reading the script. Following the quick incident, the show was later immediately cut to a Lexus promo.

Guthrie later took to Twitter to apologize for cursing on live broadcast. "Check, check -- is this thing on? Yeah I guess it is," she began writing. "So sorry guys. Thanks for being kind and understanding. And I guess it's [a] good thing I don't wear a mic all day. #ohdarn."

Viewers of the show, however, didn't think that she owed them an apology for being "just like the rest of us." A Twitter user also said, "I thought I heard that! Hilarious. An appropriate response to having an apparent mic issue during a live show. I would've dropped the F bomb."

Another user commented, "You have such character…..that is why we love watching you so much. We can't say sugar all the time." Guthrie also earned a new fan after the error as someone wrote, "I mean if you weren't my career idol before, you are now. @SavannahGuthrie."

Meanwhile, a user seemingly didn't want to miss any opportunity to shade President Donald Trump. "You're good. Way better than the current occupant of the White House."

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