Offset's Alleged Baby Mama Is in Labor - How It Will Affect His Relationship With Cardi B?

Celina Powell, who has asked a judge to order Offset to take a DNA test, tweets that her baby is coming sooner than expected.

AceShowbiz - Celina Powell, who claimed last year that she's pregnant with Offset's baby, is now in labor. She revealed on Twitter on Thursday, March 22 that she's heading to hospital and the baby is coming sooner than expected.

"On my way to the hospital [heart emojis] baby Karma should be here sooner than expected," she tweeted.

Giving an update, she added later, "Girl it's just a waiting game. I have @fr8nkmorales & @ParadiseMonroe here bored as f**k with the camera rolling lol," hinting that the process is filmed either for her private collection or for commercial purpose.

"GURL only my a** is in labor and online shopping got crop tops," she added in another tweet.

In January, Celina told that she asked a judge to serve Offset with papers, ordering him to take a DNA test following the baby's birth. The Migos rapper has to take a DNA test to determine the paternity of the baby once he's served with the court order, which apparently will happen in the next few days.

It's not the first time that Celina has claimed she's pregnant with a star's baby. It's reported that she named Fetty Wap and Chief Keef in her past accusations. She, however, insisted that it's true this time, writing on Twitter in late December, "I know y'all like 'this b***h done faked hella pregnancies.' but this time there's NOOO doubt."

Cardi B has previously admitted that Offset cheated on her with another woman, but will she be okay with her boyfriend having a child with another woman? Rumor has it the "Bartier Cardi" hitmaker is also pregnant with their first child. The 25-year-old star fueled the speculation as she has been hiding her stomach with her outfits lately, though she denied it last month. "No b***h I'm just getting fat. Let me fat in peace," she wrote on Instagram. She is reportedly due in the first week of July.

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