Drew Barrymore Ranks Jake Gyllenhaal as Her Least Talented Co-Star on 'Late Late Show'

In the second turn of 'Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts' game, the 'Blended' actress is challenged to either rank her co-stars' talents or eat a turkey testicle.

AceShowbiz - Appearing in the Wednesday, March 21 episode of "The Late Late Show with James Corden", Drew Barrymore was forced to eat or drink one of nasty menus during a game of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts". She played the game with John Boyega and host James Corden.

The purpose of the game was uncovering players' shocking truths. If one player failed to answer the question raised by another player, then s/he had to eat or drink something disgusting, like 1,000-year-old eggs, bird saliva, dried squid ice cream, fish eyes, giant water scorpion, jellyfish, sperm smoothie and turkey testicles. Before starting the game, James told the audience, "None of us have seen these questions before. What could possibly go wrong?"

James went first, giving Drew option to answer his question or drink bird saliva. He asked, "To promote season 2 of your brilliant show, 'The Santa Clarita Diet' on Netflix, you've appeared on 'Colbert', 'Fallon' and 'Ellen'. Be honest, which of those three talk shows has been your least favorite to do?" to which, Drew answered, "I wish you had picked someone that I actually didn't like because then I wouldn't have to drink this." She explained that it was not about the host, but rather it was about the show. Drew said, "OK, I'm going to have to drink this, because seriously, you picked three of my favorite people. If you had asked me a personal question where I could out myself about something, I would f**king do it."

On the next turn, Drew challenged John to either eat a giant water scorpion or uncover the amount of money he made from starring in the current "Star Wars" trilogy. Rather than answering the question, he preferred eating the scorpion, saying, "Can I have some salt and pepper, please? What part do I go for the head?"

Answering the question of whether he had ever stolen something, James quipped, "I mean, my wife's heart." Then, he revealed the truth, "I once stole a candle from Mariah Carey's house. I'll tell you why, though! These candles, they say Mariah Carey and there's a butterfly on them." He went on, "We'd gone to film this Christmas 'Carpool Karaoke'. I went to go to her house and we were going to film it from there. We were supposed to film at 3 and I was told get there at 4 and they'll probably be ready. I waited in her living room until about 6:30 just on my own, and I thought, well, I'm going to take this candle just for my time."

For the second turn, Drew received a challenge to either eat a turkey testicle or rank her co-stars' talents. Unwilling to eat the testicle and at the same time refusing to answer the question, she revealed that Adam Sandler was the most talented, Hugh Grant was the second most and Jake Gyllenhaal was the least. Then, she apologized, "When I run into him next time, I'll be like, 'Dude, it was like selling you down the river or eating turkey's balls.' And by the way, I don't even care if he hates me." She continued saying that she would vomit all over the place if she did not answer the question although she did not want to. She added, "I'm sorry, Jake. It was the turkey testicle!"

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