Selena Gomez Won't Give Up on Her Relationship With Bieber Despite Wish to Reconcile With Her Mom

The 'Wolves' singer reportedly wants to fix her relationship with her mother Mandy Teefey, but she won't sacrifice her romance with Justin Bieber for it.

AceShowbiz - Selena Gomez is ready to reconcile with her mother Mandy Teefey after their relationship was strained due to her rekindled romance with Justin Bieber. However, that doesn't mean the 25-year-old singer/actress is willing to end her relationship with the Canadian pop star.

"Selena and her mom are still not talking as of right now, but it's getting to the point where Selena's calmed down, and she feels that enough time has passed to let bygones be bygones," a source tells

The source adds, "Selena and Mandy have always been super tight, and over the years they've had a number of blow-ups, but they've always managed to resolve everything after some time apart. Selena is definitely ready to build bridges with her mom again, but she's waiting for her to make the first move."

"They fell out over Selena allowing Justin back into her life again, and as far as Selena is concerned, her relationship with Justin is not up for debate, so either her mom needs to accept it, or butt out," the source goes on sharing. "Selena made that crystal clear, and told Mandy in no uncertain terms that unless she can accept Justin, Selena has nothing to say to her-so the ball's firmly in Mandy's court."

As reported before, Selena and her mom had a heated argument late last year after Mandy found out that Selena and Justin were in couples therapy. Mandy flipped realizing the relationship was going to be more long-term than she thought. Selena and Mandy then unfollowed each other on Instagram in December.

However, a following report suggested that Selena's relationship with her mom had been complicated in the past few years, after she parted ways with Mandy as her manager in 2014. After Selena fired her mom as her manager, "it caused a huge rift in their relationship. Mandy wouldn't even let Selena talk to her sister for a long time," revealed a source, adding that Selena and Mandy didn't speak for an "entire year" because of that.

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