Selena Gomez's Issue With Her Mom Started Way Back Before Justin Bieber Reunion

Selena's relationship with her mother was strained when the 'Fetish' singer parted ways with Mandy Teefey as her manager in 2014.

AceShowbiz - Turns out Justin Bieber isn't all to blame for Selena Gomez's latest family issue. The "Wolves" singer's relationship with her mom Mandy Teefey was strained long before she rekindled her romance with the Canadian pop star.

It was recently reported that Selena and her mom had a fight over her reunion with Justin. According to E! News, the mother and daughter have been having a complicated relationship in the past few years, which started when the former Disney darling decided to part ways with Mandy as her manager in 2014.

"Selena has always said that the one person that means the most to her is her mom, Mandy," a source tells the site. "But still, they've had a really complicated relationship and have gone through a lot of ups and downs."

After Selena fired her mom as her manager, "it caused a huge rift in their relationship. Mandy wouldn't even let Selena talk to her sister for a long time," the source reveals, adding that Selena and Mandy didn't speak for an "entire year" because of that.

"Mandy and Selena's stepdad [Brian Teefey] really did everything they could for Selena so when she fired her it took a toll on Mandy emotionally and professionally," the so-called insider explains why Selena's mom was so hurt by her decision.

Mandy reportedly endured a "really hard time" getting "13 Reasons Why", which is executive produced by Selena, off the ground, because "Mandy lost her clout as a manager after Selena left." The source adds, "It caused a major rift in their relationship but they eventually reconnected."

As reported before, Selena and her mom had a heated argument after Mandy found out that Selena and Justin were in couples therapy. Mandy flipped realizing the relationship was going to be more long-term than she thought. Selena and Mandy have since unfollowed each other on Instagram.

The E! News source says, "Selena is dealing with some family issues at the moment and Justin is there for her. He doesn't want to cause any problems between Selena and her mom... Justin and Selena are still together."

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