Watch Sam Rockwell Drop F-Bomb on 'Saturday Night Live'

The Saturday, January 13 episode also featured Bill Murray, the show's alum, making a special appearance as the man under the black cloak of Steve Bannon on the NBC show.

AceShowbiz - Fresh off of his Golden Globes win, Sam Rockwell made his "Saturday Night Live" debut as the host in Saturday, January 13 episode of the NBC comedy. The "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" actor opened his monologue, "Most of you probably know me as that guy from that movie, you know who I'm talking about, not the main guy, but the other guy."

"And when you see him, you're like, 'Oh, this guy, I like this guy, he's pretty good.' Well, thank you, that's me," he added. "Just last week, the worst thing that can happen to a character actor happened to me--I won an award," Rockwell continued, referencing of him winning the award of best supporting actor for his performance in "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri". "Did I just go from actor to big-a** deal?"

The actor, who has been working in Hollywood for three decades, was later featured in a sketch titled "Science Show", in which he accidentally dropped an F-bomb on live broadcast. The PBS Kids show parody saw Rockwell, who donned a silver-haired wig, playing a science teacher. He was accompanied by two dim students, played by Cecily Strong and Mikey Day, who made Rockwell's character frustrated.

"I just poured the oil into the water. The oil is...." Rockwell's character asked, to which Day's character responded, "False." Frustated, Rockwell said, "This isn't a true or false [question], Josh." He later added, "You can't be this f**king stupid," and immediately covered his mouth. "I'm sorry. Kids aren't stupid."

In the cold open, Bill Murray stopped by as Steve Bannon. The "Saturday Night Live" alum surprised audiences when he revealed himself to be the one under the black cloak of the former White House advisor portrayal in the long-running sketch series. The sketch, which took place on the set of MSNBC's "Morning Joe", featured Kate McKinnon as Mika Brzezinski and Alex Moffat as Joe Scarborough.

"No one gets the Bannon fired," Murray's character claimed. "I never said Don Jr. was treasonous." However, Michael Wolff, played by another surprise guest Fred Armisen, disagreed. "Yes, you did," Armisen's Wolff said.

"Well, I certainly never said he cracked like an egg on TV," the faux Bannon argued. "Uh, yeah. That sounds exactly like you," the "SNL" version of Wolff shot back, to which Murray's Bannon replied, "Okay, that does sound like me. Thank you, good reporting."

Murray's Bannon went on saying that following his departure from Breitbart News, he's currently working on a Crackle series called "Cucks in Cars Getting Coffee", producing a menswear line called "Frumpers for Guys" and a skincare line named "Blotch". But he still had his political ambition. "As a king maker, I convinced this country to elect Donald [Donald Trump], and I can do it again," he claimed. "Already auditioning candidates, got some prospects: Logan Paul, Martin Shkreli. The Subway guy Jared Fogle, he's back, he's electable. It's time for America to slide down the Bannon-ster."

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