Black Twitter Boycotting 'Black Panther' Due to Michael B. Jordan 'Dating Outside of His Race'

A number of black women and some black men reportedly want to boycott the most anticipated movie of 2018 because the Erik 'Killmonger' Stevens depicter is dating a non-black woman.

AceShowbiz - While people are anticipating the February 18 release of Marvel's "Black Panther", many on Twitter are boycotting the first Mavel film featuring a predominantly black cast. And words are a number of black women and some black men are boycotting the film because one of its stars, %cMichael B. Jordan%, is dating a non-black woman.

Rumors have been swirling that the Erik "Killmonger" Stevens depicter is dating a woman named Ashlyn Castro. The Jasmine Brand first shared on Instagram some photos and videos of the rumored couple at a holiday party, suggesting that they also spent New Year's together. While it's still unclear if the two are indeed a couple, many are reportedly upset that Jordan's alleged girlfriend is not black and go so far as boycotting his upcoming film.

As pointed out by one Twitter user, "Michael B. Jordan and Marvels Black Panther is trending because Michael is dating a White girl and a number of Black women and some men want to boycott the most anticipated movie of 2018 because he is dating outside of his race lol." The user shares a screenshot of an Instagram post featuring Jordan's character poster from the movie along with a message that reads, "If we aren't good enough for you, you don't deserve our money."

Some others, meanwhile, still support the film, insisting that they will still be going to flock to the theaters. Several others even accuse the critics for not condemning other black celebrities who've dated outside of their race.

"Y'all were cheering and rooting for %cMeghan Markle%, %cSerena Williams% and %cRihanna% for dating outside their race but as soon as Michael B Jordan does the same thing, y'all mad and outraged & probably say he hates his momma. But don't mind me...," one tweets. Another jokes, "Y'all mad Michael B Jordan girlfriend is not black??? I'm mad his girlfriend is not MEEEEEE! What's this issue ?"

But, there are a few people who believe that the entire idea of the boycott is fake. "#BlackGirlMagic has aimed our collective ire at Michael B Jordan for 'dating outside his race.' Y'all the ones talking about bed wenches & what not. Rumor or fact, we've seen this many times before. Never stopped our support," one tweets. "Black people falling for the fake news regarding Michael B Jordan is just sad. Do better," another says.

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