SZA Accused of Smoking Weed After Canceling Shows Due to Bronchitis

Many fans think that the 28-year-old songstress is faking her sickness as she appears to be healthy on her Instagram posts.

AceShowbiz - SZA has been accused of faking her sickness. The songstress was supposed to hold a show in Philadelphia and Washington D.C. for her "CTRL" tour, but she had to postpone the dates due to bronchitis. SZA, whose real name is Solana Imani Rowe, shared on Instagram the bad news.

Along with a clip of her performing at record label TDE's annual Christmas concert, she wrote, "Philly I got bronchitis like muhf***a pushed it the last four shows and today still have a fever + sound n feel like poo."

She continued, adding a sick person emoji, "We moved all the re-scheduled shows together in a mini re-tour package! Believe me I wanted to wiff you all I just believe you deserve better than sick poop. Trying my absolute best, loving you always."

However, many fans thought that she was faking her sickness as she appeared to be healthy on her Instagram posts. One fan even spotted her smoking weed, leading her/him to take a jab at the singer on Instagram, "Sis I thought you were sick and couldn't make it to philly but you're out here with bronchitis smoking blunts. I'm lost and hurt."

Of course, the said fan's remarks didn't sit too well with SZA. She immediately hit back at the fan, saying that she still had to work despite being sick. "On the complete other coast of the country on a pre contracted project," she said. "Just 'cause I'm sick doesn't mean I don't have to do ANY work love. Peace."

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But it appeared that her response only made fans think that she was lying. A fan sarcastically commented, "Well if she's sick and working there, why did she cancel the previous show? Perform through the illness everywhere 'sis'. She's a new fangle and we won't care about her next year."

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