Sooyoung, Yesung, BoA and More Post Farewell Messages to SHINee's Jonghyun

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung writes, 'I was always amazed by you, and I was also jealous and shy. You were precious to all of us, and it's regretful that you're gone.'

AceShowbiz - Tributes continue to pour in for SHINee's Jonghyun, days after his sudden passing. His colleagues and fellow S.M. Entertainment artists like Sooyoung, Yesung, BoA and Amber have taken to social media to post farewell messages to the late singer.

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung wrote on Instagram, "I was so proud the voice I heard next door in the basement practice room became a voice that filled an entire concert stadium. You worked really hard. That day when you were sitting across from me, my eyes were on you for a long time. I didn't want to act like a sunbae who thought she knew everything, so I didn't really say anything to you... but I should have. I was always amazed by you, and I was also jealous and shy. You were precious to all of us, and it's regretful that you're gone. What more can I say. You did well, and you worked really hard."

Super Junior's Yesung posted audio of Jonghyun's "Y Si Fuera Ella" from SHINee's first album "The SHINee World". The song is about someone who is reluctant to say goodbye to a loved one.

BoA wrote, "To Jonghyun who would always come to my waiting room whenever I had a performance... why did we always just talk about work when we greeted each other during our short meetings.. Why did we only think about how we could do our jobs better.. rather than how we were living.. As a friend and a senior artist to you.. it is so hard to send you away as I think about how I was really lacking."

She continued, "I couldn't believe that even though I was in the same place as you today, I couldn't see you. You should have told me, even if it was just once.. But I won't blame you. Many people will be comforted for a long time through the beautiful lyrics and melodies you've left behind, and they will be remembered. Although it was short, you were the most excellent and coolest artist, Jonghyun. I hope that you'll create and sing music that's just for your happiness in that place. You did well.. and you worked hard. 2017.12.18 I remember you.."

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f(x)'s Amber shared about how Jonghyun was always a source of support for her. "Because of you, I was able to laugh. Because of your advice, I could dry my tears. Because of your courage, I could gain courage," she wrote. "When I was embarrassed, you didn't judge me. You tried your best to understand my imperfect Korean, and you embraced me. When people joked you and I were twins, I was honestly really proud because I wanted to become a great person like you. Thank you. I'm so thankful I was able to be your dongseng. I'll become an Amber who you can be proud of. Jjong oppa, you did well. I love you."

Taeyeon, who had penned a heartfelt letter after Jonghyun's death, posted another farewell message on Thursday, December 21. "Good night our Jonghyun. You did well today. This photo we took after we finished our makeup because we wanted a pretty cut. The day we matched in pink and sang 'Lonely'," she wrote in a caption of their photo taken backstage of their performance.

Meanwhile, fans in Taiwan posted a message for Jonghyun on the Taipei 101 tower that read, "Jonghyun, thank you. Because of you we were really happy. Jonghyun, we hope that you're an average person in your next life. You'll always be a star, but you'll be shining in a different world."

As reported before, Jonghyun died on December 18 after found unconscious in a residential hotel. Police believe he died from inhaling toxic fumes as they found coal briquettes burnt on a frying pan upon arriving at the place.

In a final text message he sent to his sister, the idol reportedly wrote, "It's been hard. Let me go. Tell me I've worked hard. This is my farewell." His funeral was held on December 21.

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