Aaron Carter Wants to Have Kids 'So Bad' He Thinks About Adopting Following Rehab Stint

Speaking about life post-rehab, the singer reveals that his 'goal is to be a father' as he wants 'to transcend any of the shortcomings that my parents experienced growing up with us.'

AceShowbiz - Aaron Carter wants to have kids "so bad" that he thinks about adopting, just weeks after leaving a rehab facility. In an interview for the latest issue of Us Weekly, the troubled singer opened up about his desire to start a family, revealing that he wants to have children and settle down soon.

"I was thinking about adopting. I want kids so bad," Aaron shared. Though he thought he wouldn't survive to celebrate his 30th birthday, the "Fool's Gold" singer told the publication that he's in a good place and is eager to start a family.

"I turned 30 and I'm like, 'Alright, my resolution is to have a kid,' " Aaron shared, before adding, "But not just a kid. A beautiful woman or man, because we can have kids too."

The former "House of Carters" star, who came out as bisexual last summer, added that his ultimate goal "is to be a father. I really want to be a dad and I want to transcend any of the shortcomings that my parents experienced growing up with us."

Aaron, whose parents divorced when he was young, has always valued family. "We lost our sister Leslie, but we had a big family," he said of his sister who died at age 25 five years ago. Aaron also lost his father Bob in May.

"So I'm 30 and my dad was popping out kids by the time he was 30 so I better hurry up! But I do really want to have kids," noted the "Sooner or Later" singer. He revealed that he wants to have a child in the near future, "but it has to be [with] the right person."

During the interview, Aaron also shared that he has reconnected with his family and made up with his brother Nick Carter, whom he was feuding with over Aaron's DUI arrest last summer. "I love [Nick], but he can be a punk sometimes," he said of the Backstreet Boys star. "But I will be in his corner no matter what. I love my brother and I really hope he's just happy, healthy, doing the same thing and focusing on his career."

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