New 'Venom' Poster Unveils Possible New Logo and Eddie Brock's Costume

A promotional banner for the upcoming movie at CCXP in Brazil gives fans a first look at the potential logo of the film as well as Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock's likely costume.

AceShowbiz - While principal photography on "Venom (2018)" is currently underway in Atlanta, fans who will be attending the 2017 Comic-Con in Sao Paulo, Brazil can get a first look at the upcoming film's potential logo with its promotional banner. Steve Wintraub of Collider got to take photos of the poster while he was at the Sony booth.

The poster also possibly unveils Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock's likely costume in the upcoming movie. Nothing has been confirmed just yet on whether or not it's the official logo of the film as well as whether Brock will be donning the Agent Venom suit instead of his classic one. But it's possible that Sony would debut the first look at Hardy in full Venom costume at the convention.

"Venom" has been in development at Sony for years, even during the time Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" trilogy reigned supreme. The Spidey villain made his big-screen debut in the heavily-maligned "Spider-Man 3", in which he was played by Topher Grace. Grace's performance as the symbiote was deemed poor, but fans still expressed hope in seeing a proper iteration of Venom in the big screen.

"Venom" will be the first film in Sony's Marvel universe and will be followed by the studio's untitled Silver Sable and the Black Cat project. Sony's films are separate to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, meaning it's highly unlikely that Hardy's Eddie Brock will be swinging alongside Tom Holland's Spider-Man anytime soon.

The film is expected to be an origin film, with the two main characters being Venom and Carnage, whose actor has yet to be announced. Directed by Ruben Fleisher from a script written by Scott Rosenberg ans Jeff Pinkner, the film also stars Riz Ahmed, Jenny Slate, Reid Scott, Scott Haze and Michelle Williams.

"Venom" hits theaters across the nation on October 5, 2018.

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