Watch Rooney Mara as Mary Magdalene in First Trailer for Biblical Epic

The upcoming biblical biopic stars Rooney Mara as the titular character opposite her real-life boyfriend, Joaquin Phoenix who plays Jesus.

AceShowbiz - The first trailer for upcoming biblical biopic "Mary Magdalene" has arrived online. The film follows Jesus' (Joaquin Phoenix) story through the point of view of Mary (Rooney Mara), his loyal and frequently-mentioned female disciple. Although the film is delayed until next year, the trailer has been released by Universal to give audience a glimpse of what they will see in the film.

Overall, the trailer shows Mary who is meeting and joining Jesus on his mission to spread the word of God. Her story begins when she is chastised of her action and rescued by Jesus. The scene is followed by footage of Jesus baptizing Mary and doing a miracle to a blind woman.

Sitting together by the hill, Mary asks, "Is that what it feels like to be one with God?" to which Jesus answers, "No one has ever asked me how it feels." Upon meeting with Jesus' mother, Mary is told, "You love my son, don't you? You must prepare yourself like me. To lose him."

Other scenes dramatize Jesus who is furiously evicting people trading within the Temple as well as his crucifixion. Near the end of the trailer, there is a deep conversation between Jesus and Mary. "Mary, you are my witness," says Jesus. "I'll be with you until the end," Mary replies. The trailer ends with Mary's line that says, "I will not be silent. I will be heard."

It is interesting to see Jesus-centered film which is not told from his viewpoint. In previous bible-based films such as "The Last Temptation of Christ" and "The Passion of the Christ", Mary was always the supporting character without an active role. In "Mary Magdalene", however, the spotlight is directed on the woman with other people as the supporting characters.

While the previous films were all considered controversial, the upcoming film may prove to be different. The film also tells a story about a woman's struggle to defy traditional values and her journey in a new social movement, which mirrors women's endeavors in modern era. Therefore, audience will be able to identify themselves with the characters and story in the film even though it is set on a biblical era long time ago.

"Mary Magdalene" also stars Academy Award nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor. The Garth Davis-directed film is set to hit U.S. theaters on March 30, 2018, two days before Easter.

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