Beyonce Called Kim Kardashian's Blonde Locks 'Ridiculous' at Serena Williams' Wedding

The former BFFs reportedly had no interaction at all at the tennis star's nuptials, with a source claiming that Bey was even heard saying Kim 'looked ridiculous' with her platinum blonde locks.

AceShowbiz - Looks like things are still sour between Beyonce Knowles and Kim Kardashian as it turns out that when attending Serena Williams' nuptials two weeks ago, the former BFFs had no interaction at all. As revealed by a source to In Touch magazine, the two beauties didn't even say hi to each other.

According to the source, Bey and Kim were spotted mingling within the same crowds, but "there was no interaction [between them] at all." The source also alleged that the 36-year-old songstress was even heard saying the 37-year-old socialite/reality TV star "looked ridiculous" with her platinum blonde locks. "It got back to Kim and she thought Beyonce was just being a jealous hater," the source added.

Bey and Kim's husbands, Jay-Z and Kanye West, were noticeably missing during Serena's wedding to Alexis Ohanian. And it was allegedly because the bride herself, Serena, asked both the mother of three and the KKW Beauty owner to leave their tumultuous husbands at home as she wanted to avoid even more drama on her big day, according to the mag.

But it seems like this report is not entirely true, as Jay-Z has just suggested that there's always love between the two power couples despite his "complicated" relationship with "little brother" Kanye. Besides, as important guests at a fellow star's wedding, it's very unlikely that the two power couples would start any more public drama on such a special day.

Regardless of what's happening between Bey and Kim or between their husbands, their mutual pal Serena wants no part of it. As pointed out by a source close to Serena to, the 36-year-old tennis ace "refuses to take sides between Kim and Beyonce."

"She loves them both and does not want to get involved in their beef," according to a second source. "Serena's been friends with Kim and Beyonce for years -- she had no hesitation when it came to inviting them to her wedding, she just made it clear that she did not want any drama," the insider noted.

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