Instagram Model Feels 'Dehumanized' After Getting Kicked Out of Plane Over Her 22-Pound Breasts

Canadian social media influencer Mary Magdalene, who's spent $150k on plastic surgeries, threatens to sue the airline after she's allegedly removed from a plane for looking 'too explicit.'

AceShowbiz - An Instagram model has claimed she got kicked out from a plane because of her 22-pound boobs and she is now threatening to file a lawsuit. Mary Magdalene from Canada has complained that she felt "dehumanized" after she got booted from a flight due to her "explicit look."

Venting out her anger on her social media page, Mary said she was escorted out when attempting to travel from Toronto to Dallas, Texas on May 31. "I got kicked off tf light [the flight] for how i look," she wrote in one of her recent posts, "please stop discrimination please this is disgusting i feel so emvarrassed and [dehumanized right now], u guys have no idea."

Sharing a selfie of herself wearing her headphones and sports bra which barely contained her boobs, the 25-year-old model wrote over it, "Onviously [sic] this is why [she] kick me off, cuz I [look] too [explicit] bit thats not legal so she had to say its because I was sleeping snd vouldn't hear her."

In another post, Mary informed her more than 110k followers that she finally safely arrived in Dallas, but she threatened to sue the airline. "I am safe now I am going to sue the airline!!! I entered America so I am just happy and grateful for that hopefully things go I smoothly here on out," so she shared.

She also posted a screenshot of an article about her claims, captioning it, "At least I got a hot article about it but girrrlll ...drained!! Getting ready for my next flight please wish me the best no drama Only good vibes here on out."

In a separate post, Mary apparently responded to those who blamed her for removal from the plane. "I do not get how some people are saying it's okay that I would get kicked off for what I'm wearing. The point is that the same rules need to apply to everyone!" she argued.

The social media influencer continued, "It's not right to pick and choose who the rules apply to based on appearance/body type. Discrimination of any kind is not a nice feeling for anyone. If a small-chested girl wore the exact same thing, they would not say anything."

"This discrimination of enhanced bodies is very common. Huge on social media platforms and even real life. I am not trying to play victim I am just sharing the reality of what goes on," she claimed, before alleging that airlines "really play with your money e.g. prevent u from growing on social media to ur full [capacity] due to constantly being deleted…[sic]."

"Getting kicked off flights no refund…it is very messed up wen u actually look at the ways this affects you irl #FREEMARY [sic]," she added.

Mary has received support from her fans. "This is so wrong. You keep doing you and we will support you," one person wrote in the comment section of her post. Another said, "Sorry to read this. This world needs to evolve." Another related to Mary as sharing, "You can't wear a bra I got in trouble for the same thing even if it’s a sports bra."

However, the airline told the Mirror that Mary was escorted off the flight because she refused to remove her headphones and didn't listen to instructions from the flight attendant.

Mary has spent more than $150,000 on plastic surgeries throughout the years, including procedures for boob jobs and a Brazilian butt lift.

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