Kendall Jenner Afraid People Will Blame the 'Kardashian Curse' for Beau Blake Griffin's Injury

The former Victoria's Secret model allegedly feels 'horrible' about the Los Angeles Clippers star's knee injury, fearing that she will be blamed for his bad luck this season.

AceShowbiz - Blake Griffin got injured in the final minutes of a Clippers victory over the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on Monday night, November 27. And following Blake's injury, his new flame Kendall Jenner allegedly is afraid people who believe that the so-called "Kardashian Curse" is a real thing will blame her for his bad luck this season.

A source close to Kendall revealed to that the 22-year-old reality TV star and model "feels horrible about Blake [Griffin]'s injury. Kendall fears she will somehow be blamed for his bad luck. She has heard about the Kardashian curse for years and thinks it is just ridiculous. She also understands how dedicated fans may look for anyway to make sense of a bad situation."

"But in the end, Kendall feels like any accusations towards her are simply unfair, misguided anger," the insider continued telling the publication. The former Victoria's Secret model allegedly "loves watching Blake play and she knows how important basketball is in his life." Therefore, Kendall "is going to do everything she can to care, support and help him get back to his teammates ASAP," the insider added.

At this point, it's still unclear whether or not Blake's injury will be affecting the rest of the season. But sources close to the team have revealed that the athlete might be out for about two months. And that would definitely not be the best thing to happen to his team, who has sadly been on a 9-game losing streak.

It seems like Kendall's totally right, as many fans as well as some of Blake's more superstitious teammates are reportedly already blaming her and her family "curse" for their bad luck. Fortunately for the older Jenner sister, "Blake is laughing all that off and is not taking that as the reason for their losing streak and bad play."

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