Jake Gyllenhaal Wants to Play Batman, Warner Bros. Hesitates

Rumor says the Swedish-descent actor is eager to be the Dark Knight, but the studio is not so sure with the idea.

AceShowbiz - Jake Gyllenhaal has always been so keen on being Batman, and he may or may not get the chance. There is a post from a Warner Bros. "reliable source" on Reddit that said Gyllenhaal was really interested in replacing Ben Affleck in Matt Reeves' "The Batman", but the studio wasn't into the idea.

The post read, "Matt Reeves hopes to have the film out by 2020. Plot details remain under wraps but Matt has indeed met with other people about replacing Affleck. Initially it was just a tactic to get Affleck to sign on for more films, but then when that didn't work, it got through to the studio that Affleck REALLY didn't want to stay. Gyllenhaal really wants the role, but the studio isn't 100|percent| sold on the idea yet. They might use Flashpoint to make him younger, but I don't know how that will work."

Previously, rumors started to circulate that Gyllenhaal and Reeves discussed the role in the event that Affleck doesn't return to his role. It was reported before that Affleck wasn't so sure about returning as Batman and he was waiting for commercial reception after "Justice League" came out. Maybe "Justice League" will be the last time audience will see Affleck as the Caped Crusader, after all. Neither Affleck nor Reeves has confirmed anything about Batman's future.

If the Reddit post was serious and reliable, it remains to be seen if Gyllenhaal ever gets the chance to be the next Batman in DC Extended Universe. Although the actor is excited for the part, he's not the studio's first choice. Director Reeves has also "met with other people," suggesting that there are several Bruce Wayne candidates in both the studio and Reeves' consideration.

Originally, Gyllenhaal auditioned for Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" trilogy, but the part went to Christian Bale. Last year, the "Donnie Darko" star appeared less interested about playing the role, saying, "I just don't think I would fit there. As I get older I am much less interested in hoping people see me in a certain way and more interested in just doing whatever I'm doing. They can like it or not. This is where I am." However, the actor seems to be taking back what he has said.

"The Batman" is aiming for mid-2018 shooting, and Reeves reportedly said that he wasn't planning on changing the original release date in 2020. Still, casting problems may push the date further.

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